Travel tips for seniors visiting holy sites in Israel

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Travel tips for seniors visiting holy sites in Israel

There are many beautiful holy sites to visit in Israel including Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, the Jordan River, Capernaum and Mount of Beatitudes.  However, for seniors wanting to travel to Israel for religious reasons, the challenges of getting around and dealing with physical needs may be a little overwhelming.  In order to make your trip to Israel enjoyable, seniors should plan their travel and make arrangements to ensure their mobility once they arrive at their destination.

Planning – The internet is a useful tool for seniors planning a trip to Israel.  By using the internet to research popular religious destinations in Israel, seniors can make sure they will have the mobility accessories they need to get around with comfort and ease.  For example, making arrangements online with Mobility Rentals Israel before you arrive at your first destination in Israel will make getting around much easier. Rented equipment can be delivered anywhere in Israel. This service saves time which the tourist can spend on sightseeing or relaxation.

Packing – For some seniors, hauling heavy bags may be a major concern when traveling to destinations around the world.  However, if you pack too light you may need to find places to do laundry, which can be challenging.  Instead of traditional suitcases, choose luggage the rolls and is stackable.

Medications – It is very important for seniors to make sure that they have a sufficient supply of each prescription medication when traveling.  However, some seniors have other medications and health needs that could be difficult to pack and carry such as diabetes supplies, nutrition supplements, RX drugs and medical equipment (blood pressure machines, etc.).  Finding a local supplier in Israel makes traveling easier because seniors do not need to pack and carry these supplies.  Mobility Rentals Israel has these supplies so seniors do not need to pack and carry bulky health supplies.

Sightseeing & getting around – When you are visiting holy sites in Israel, getting around may be a bit more difficult if you are a senior.  Stairs and long pathways may prove to be difficult to handle unless you have the correct mobility equipment.  Renting wheelchairs, foldable scooters, walkers and other devices upon your arrival is much easier than paying to take them with you on airplanes, buses or ships.  Check with Mobility Rentals Israel for a list of mobility devices to make getting around Israel easier for seniors.

Most importantly, Mobility Rentals Israel will deliver the rented equipment directly and personally to the customer anywhere in Israel, hotels, apartment, etc., according to his or her demand. All the customer has to do is to make the relevant order via the phone or the Internet.

More and more seniors are choosing to travel to Israel to explore holy sites that are important to them and their religion.  Getting around while in Israel is much easier when they plan ahead and use the services offered by Mobility Rentals Israel.