Electric Scooter CTM HS-118



 We partner with leading scooters companies to offer the newest and most popular models. You’ll find three-wheeled and four-wheeled scooters.
Our scooters come pre-charged, serviced, and ready to use - and we offer support if you run into any problems.
Transportable scooters can collapse, come apart, and fit into the trunk of most medium- to full-sized cars. Most transportable electric scooters have a maximum weight capacity of 100-110 kg.

Our scooters stand in the Israeli train regulation and can go into the train.

Please note the scooter is not suitable for steep hills.
The user should make sure to have all the relevant information before using the scooter for the first time.Your safety is important to us. If you require additional assistance for setup or operation, please contact us.



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  • Pull Apart for Easy Transport.
  • Padded Folding Seat.
  • Front Basket.
  • 1 Piece Battery Pack for Ease of Handling.
  • Travel Range 10km approx.
  • Weight Capacity 100-110kg.

To Troubleshooting press here

consumer safety guide

In case this scooter is not available, we can provide you an alternative scooter in the same price.


  • First 1-3 days - 150 ILS a day.
  • Next 4-7 days - 120 ILS a day.
  • Next 8-14 days - 100 ILS a day.
  • Next 15+ days - 80 ILS a day.

Example: 4 days = (150 x 3) + (120 x 1) = 570 ILS

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