Montfort Observation Point

Monfort Monfort

Montfort Observation Point

Off Route 899, east of Kibbutz Eilon. Situated on the slopes of a hill and surrounded by rich green trees all year round, the Montfort Citadel is a dazzling sight.
It is particularly stunning in late afternoon when the setting sun lights up portions of the fortress.

Montfort was originally built in Roman times. During the early Crusader period a small fortress was put up on the same site, apparently to defend a French nobleman's estate. Decades later, the German Teutonic Order decided to set up its own headquarters.
They bought Montfort ('strong mountain') in 1228, then expanded and beautified the citadel until it became one of the loveliest in the whole Crusader Kingdom.

Your best view of Montfort is from within the JNF's Goren Park, situated in the heart of the largestnatural forest in the country and above the longest riverbed in Galilee - Nahal Kziv. Drive through the forest to see winter anemones, cyclamen and, in spring, orchids and the flaming flowers of the Mediterranean rosebud.
When the scenic drive splits, take the left (higher) road. Pass a campground and a ranch, park in the lot, and follow a paved route to the Montfort Observation Point for a breathtaking view of the citadel and the lush, green riverbed.
You come out of the park on Road 899, near Granot Hagalil Regional Center. This is the back entrance to Goren Park, so if you prefer you can begin your trip from this end.

by: Aviva Bar-Am - Jerusalem Post's Israel Travel Guide.