Mobile Lift



Mobile lifts are designed especially with the domestic care environment and patient in mind.
Mobile lift provides maximum support and can be used for people of all ages with a variety of different abilities.
It is simple to operate and comfortable for the patient. 



  • The prices include training from one of our specialist advisors.
  • For the rental charge we will add an additional charge of 650 ILS for Lift Slings and it's not refundable (we always supply a new one).
  • The minimum charge for lift rental is one month's rental.
  • Safe working load: 150 kg.
  • Total lift weight – 41 kg.
  • Raising ability – 81-200 cm.
  • Dimensions - Width– 64-102 cm, length – 104 cm.

Price: 1250 ILS per month (assembly& training included, but not delivery).

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