Ancient Katzrin Village

Katzrin Katzrin

Ancient Katzrin Village

Near modern Katzrin, on Route 9088
When you visit an archeological site, your imagination has to work hard to fill in the holes. The restorations at ancient Katzrin, however, offer a unique and effortless peek into the past.

Located about one kilometer east of modern Katzrin, the village was re-created by archeologists and experts in Jewish law, and realistically portrays Jewish life between the fourth and seventh centuries.
A new, paved path takes you right to the restored ancient-house-under-construction, a completely restored home, and the famous Katzrin synagogue. Recently introduced, a golf cart is available to take visitors along the path as well! It isn't necessary to reserve but it's a good idea in season.

Round off your tour with a stop at the Golan Archeological Museum, in the modern city center (also on route 9088). Here you can view unique and exciting remains from the nearly three dozen Jewish villages that studded the Golan Heights long ago. Buy a combined ticket for the village and the museum, and hold onto your ticket stub!

by: Aviva Bar-Am - Jerusalem Post's Israel Travel Guide.