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Increasing rates of senior travel raises demand for accessible tourist destinations, services and facilities

As more people are living longer due to better health care and a better quality of life, many are choosing to spend their retirement years traveling rather than sitting in rocking chairs doting over their grandchildren.  Airlines, travel agents and tourism boards now offer senior discounts on travel making it even more affordable for seniors to travel during their retirement.  In fact, an entire industry devoted to senior travel has emerged to accommodate seniors when they travel.  Because of the increasing trend of senior citizens to travel outside of their own country, the demand for accessible tourist sites, services and facilities has increased.

Seniors no longer need to be tied to their homes during retirement years because of health problems or mobility issues.  The surge in senior travel has led to new industries in portable health care and senior mobility services.  These new industries make it possible for seniors to travel in comfort without worrying about health care equipment or being able to have access to popular tourist sites and destinations. Many seniors find that it is easier and more cost effective to rent their health care equipment once they arrive at their destination rather than carry heavy and cumbersome machines through airports or onto buses.

For example, seniors who are traveling to Israel can rent their medical equipment, including mobility equipment, from companies like Mobility Rentals Israel to make traveling more comfortable and enjoyable.  Power chairs, wheel chairs, three and four-wheel walkers, electric foldable  scooters and walkers help seniors enjoy the religious sites in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth and Capernaum.  Having a variety of mobility items to rent gives seniors the ability to view the breathtaking sites at the Jordan River and the Mount of Beatitudes.  Seniors traveling in Israel do not need to worry about getting around when they can rent mobility equipment that allows them access to all of the religious and sightseeing destinations in Israel.

Mobility Rentals Israel also helps seniors traveling to Israel by providing health care needs such as diabetes supplies, medical nutrition, vitamins, supplements and aids for daily living.


All in all, seniors can travel with confidence that if they forget something or run out of medical supplies that they can easily purchase them from Mobility Rentals Israel.  Some seniors traveling in Israel chose to purchase or rent all or most of their supplies upon arrival rather than paying to fly them to Israel and then worry about loading and unloading them as they travel from one location to another.

Mobility Rentals Israel will deliver the rented equipment directly and personally to the customer anywhere in Israel, hotels, apartment, etc., according to his or her demand. All the customer has to do is to make the relevant order via the phone or the Internet.